Cox Communications

Read how Cox were able to create programmatic audio ads personalised to their audience

Cox Communications are a leading American provider of digital cable television and home automation services. They serve more than 6.2 million customers globally and are the third-largest provider cable television provider in the US. 

The Challenge

Cox were seeking a way to reach listeners of online streaming platforms with dynamic and tailored audio advertising in order to increase their ad effectiveness.

In a new age of audio where consumers are demanding ever more personalised online experiences – they needed a new way to connect with their audience.

Ossia Studio provided a way for Cox Communications to extend their reach to listeners across regions, demographics, and behaviours. As well as personalise the creative to each individual preference.

How Ossia Studio worked with Cox Communications

Through Ossia Studio's intuitive platform, Cox were able to create campaigns easily at scale. Instead of producing campaigns across numerous teams over several weeks, they were able to streamline the entire production process.

With the infinite music library at their fingertips – creative could match every possible preference of each audience segment.

Plus, with additional AI Music technology that plugged into AdsWizz digital advertising platform, Cox were able to serve personalised audio creative to every individual.

With this technology at their fingertips, Cox could create and serve ads to their audience – all in under 10 minutes.

The result? A seamless dynamic audio experience for their audience and increased ad performance.

The Outcome

Thanks to an improved workflow, varied creative, and personalised ad delivery Cox Communications had a dramatic increase in their audio ad performance:

  • Their ads generated 238% higher engagement

  • They reduced production time by 95%

  • Ad producted costs were cut by 20%

This campaign not only performed well, it was award-winning!

  • 2019 winner of The Drum Award for Most Effective Programmatic Media Partnership

  • 2019 winner of The OMMA Award for Audio Creativity and Ingenuity

They introduced a whole new era of working with audio advertising.

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